Physically, sport helps you lose weight, enjoy a more toned body, improve muscle strength, enhances coordination, agility and joint flexibility, as well as cardiovascular fitness, and improves the lung’s oxygen capacity.

Increased average life expectancy and the desire for physical fitness and wellbeing are changing lifestyle patterns in the population aged over 50 years, with a growing number of people who participate in sport in some way, either at a competitive or amateur level.

On the other hand, even young subjects who do amateur sports may suffer the consequences of high workloads and short recovery. Some high-impact activities that require effective running, jumping, or propulsion of any form (namely, football, soccer, basketball, even recreational jogging, etc.) can affect weight-bearing joints – namely, the knee and the hip – negatively.

The joint cartilage is a specialized, flexible connective tissue that provides a sliding area which reduces fiction between bones. Cartilage does not usually regenerate after injury or disease leading to loss of tissue and has very limited repair capabilities. In fact, unlike other connective tissues, cartilage does not contain blood vessels and has no nerve supply Therefore, its cellular constituents, the chondrocytes, must receive nutrients and oxygen via diffusion, from the synovial fluid which fills the joint cavity.

Mechanical injuries – such as meniscal tears, ligament lesions, muscle trauma and cartilage damage (chondropathy) - may lead to an alteration of the cartilage biomechanical behavior and metabolism, when excessive loading or overuse is involved.

Though articular cartilage damage is not life threatening, it does strongly affect the quality of life. Articular cartilage damage is often the cause of severe pain, swellings, strong barriers to mobility and severe restrictions to daily-life activities.

Intra-articular administration of hyaluronic acid (viscosupplementation), when using the most appropriate formulation and the optimal method of administration, can provide long-lasting pain relief, reducing the chondropathy and stimulating the damaged cartilage repair.

Fidia has developed several products, specifically designed for those who practice sports, based on an innovative hyaluronic acid derivative that, when injected into the affected joint, prevents the evolution of the chondropathy into chronic disease (osteoarthritis), thanks to Fidia’s proprietary MO.RE. technology®. This MObile REticulum technology gives the product its improved viscoelastic and tribological properties, as well as high resistance to mechanical stress and structure recovery after repeated shocks, thus protecting cartilage and soft tissues against mechanical injuries during sports activites.